The Company understands the level of risk associated with the marine transportation business and is committed to ensuring that close attention is provided to the quality, consistency and reliability of each service provided to our clients.

To make this commitment possible, the Company has employed a team of highly skilled, motivated and experienced professionals who ensure the proper sourcing and screening of its personnel, guided by the principles of meritocracy.

The Company supports its team with efficient systems & processes to enable it to perform in a tightly regulated and competitive environment without having to compromise on its safety and quality commitments and thus achieve continual improvement.

The Company’s commitment extends to working closely with all stake holders to ensure that its business is carried out ethically and in compliance with relevant regulations so that our clients brand value stays protected and we develop a reputation for a providing a world class service.

We believe in creating a friendly working environment and developing good work ethics amongst ours personnel, we think this is key to developing a sustainable quality service standard.   We look for team players with a high level of integrity whose values closely align with our own.  

We ensure that we are aware of our client’s requirements with respect to health, safety, D&A and the environment and make them known to our personnel so that they remain compliant during their service tenure.

We are aware of the 24/7 nature of the marine business  and our Office personnel have plenty experience in handling marine related emergencies, this allows us to respond quickly to our Clients needs and  to a wide variety of situations that will affect our ships personnel or related marine assets.

Our key differentiator is the kind of training we are able to provide our personnel, which arises from firsthand experience and in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.

Finally we know we are only as good as the service we provide and we remain committed to ensuring the quality and cost competitiveness of our services is maintained.

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