The Company is relatively young but our management has a cumulative Industry experience of over 135years. The core Company staff having sailed as Masters and Chief Engineers also have held management positions in reputed Ship Management Company’s in Hong Kong, Singapore and India. Our executives are also armed with MBA’s to help to optimize their skill and those of the seafarers.

The Directors of the Company are actively involved in the day to day operations and have a strong commitment to integrity, hard work and honesty and encourage this in our employee’s.  The Company organizational structure is such this every employee feels empowered.

As shipping activity directly effects the lives and safety of our crew and the marine environment, our priorities to encouraging safety and environmental protection amongst our seafarers is foremost in our minds.

As Company we want to earn respect though our work,  not just monetize on our skills, we believe we can do this by staying focused and committed to our work and deliver value to the owners and seafarers we represent.

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