We carry out all activities related to crewing in-house for a wide variety of vessel types i.e deep sea, near coastal and for the offshore industry.

In order to have a global outreach and to provide Owner & Ship Managers with a variety of crewing options we have tied up with crewing agents in the Ukraine, Bangladesh, Philippines, Myanmar, South Korea and China. This makes the business model more efficiently adaptable to varying requirements and budget constraints.  

When using 3rd party crewing agents we ensure that they follow our guidelines for quality assurance and are in a position to deliver to our standards.

Our Crew Management Service comprises of two categories:

  • Crew management services for Owners and Managers
  • Career management services for Seafarers.

Crew management service for owners and ship managers:

Pre - joining activity carried out on behalf of vessels owner’s and manager
1 Crew Sourcing 10 Pre-joining medicals
2 Crew Initial Interview &Test for English 11 Toxicity exposure testing
3 COC/License  verification 12 Modular/value added courses
4 Crew Documentation Check 13 Visa arrangement
5 Resume & Other verification  (includes  requirements specifics to vessel type, OCIMF SIRE /Vetting, Owner specific, Trade specific, any other) 14 Travel arrangement
6 Background and Reference checks 15 Pre-joining Briefing/ training/familiarization
7 Job specific internal testing/ Owner specific testing, if any. 16  Flag state license application
8 Final interview ( Owners can attend via SKYPE) 17  Arranging PPE (Boiler suits, Safety shoes, Basic winter wear)
9 Psychometric & IT Skills testing    


Post - joining activity carried out on behalf of Vessels Owners and Managers
1 Crew  database creation,  include Owner specific pool requirements 8 Routine follow up with vessel (Flag state docs, crew mail, CTM etc)
2  Action feedback on crew performance  and crew certification from vessel  Master, Owners, Internal Audits, Superintendents‘ Visits etc. 9  Crew welfare activity: Arrange crew insurance and financial advise- Voluntary
3 Action feed back on crew performance and crew certification from 3rdparties/vetting’s /PSC etc. 10 Arrange  outdoor activity and team building camps - Voluntary
4 THINKSSHIP  Internal Process Audits and  follow up 11 Arrange for follow up correspondence with crew family on welfare issues.
5 Crew substitution due to poor performance or emergency reliefs. 12 Dissemination of information related to crewing matters.
6 Crew training based on feed back 13 Follow up with Unions/ITF matters/Govt bodies
7 Follow up feedback from crew & crew debrief at sign off    

  Career Management services for Seafarers:

Career Management Service to all Seafarers  ---Free service to seafarers only
1 Assistance with resume formulating 6 Arrange booking with colleges(worldwide) for COC upgrade
2  Looking for opening that match seafarer requirement, either within own company or elsewhere 7 Provide regulator updates by email
3 Reminders for renewal of  COC, Passport and other certification 8 Arrange financial consultancy with SEBI (security & exchange board of India) authorised portfolio managers and Certified Financial Accountants.
4 Arrange local accommodation in Mumbai 9 Arrange life and health insurance for self and family
5 Arrange bookings for STCW courses at D.G approved training centres    
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