We use a combination of in-house experts and a network of independent consultants attached to our office to provide this service. All marine and technical experts have many years of experience in their line of work and are most have sailed for many years as Masters, Chief Engineers, electrical engineers and radio officer so they understand the industry requirements quite well.

Marine Services
1 Port Captaincy for vessel turn-abounds and New building or dry dock attendance or crew training 5 TMSA gap audits of office.
2  STS superintendent’s 6 Vetting guidance and Pre-vetting inspection services
3 Chemical Tanker Consultants 7 Draft Surveyors
4 Tank Cleaning guidance and supervision 8 Surveyors for cargo related matter and PANDI matters
5 ISM, ISPS, Navigation Audits and MLC 2006 – Gap Audits 9 Lab testing of Iron ore cargo to determine the Moisture, FMP & TML in GOA only


Technical Services
1 Technical Superintendent’s  attendance at new building and dry docks( experience Ch Eng’s and electrical Engineers) 4 LSA & FFA maintenance by authorized service providers at most Indian ports
2  On board attendance for supervision of  repairs to hull and machinery, fault find and arranging work shop during vessels port stay or  for short sailing periods. 5 Service of various instrumentation onboard by authorised engineers
3 Technical Surveyors for H& M or  PANDI matters (damage survey) 6 Installation of fire fighting systems for marine and shore based installations
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