Our Mission

Our Mission is to Provide Quality Crewing & Marine Services at Competitive pricing, delivered in a Contemporary manner and Customized to our clients needs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a Company Culture based on honesty, integrity and meritocracy which allows individuals to self actualise thus bringing about productivity and competiveness to the work place, which in turn will maximize our clients earnings and brand value.


Our Service guidelines:

The Service guidelines by which we are committed to are as follows:

  • Passion: We are passionate about our work &  look forward to it each day. This  is what makes us strive harder and achieve better results for our clients.
  • Relationships: We want to build strong relationships with our Clients and within our organization. We understand the value of teamwork and promote a culture of mutual respect to achieve it. We encourage this amongst our seafarers as well.
  • Effectiveness: Our systems are designed to incorporate quality into each process and monitor the effectiveness of  the process after implementation. 
  • Virtues:  We are a young Company but over time we would want to develop a reputation for being a ethical business partner that encourages Honesty and Integrity.  
  • Add value: We are aware of the need for value creation in a service industry and similarly the need to value those that create the value- our seafarers.
  • Innovation: We bring fresh ideas and perspective that help to reduce cost, increase efficiency and optimize our clients resources.
  • Listening: We believe in effective exchange of information but we also lay emphasis on listening. We listen to our clients, to understand them better and work efficiently.
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